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mobile protection application

Hi guys,We all are smartphone users.So today I would like to introduce an awesome application for all smartphone users.The name of the application is ‘PRIVATE SCANNER’.This application is really a useful one for all smartphone users.This application will help you to mobile protection application from spy applications.Now-a-days,there are somany spy applications and parental control applications for track someone’s smartphone.

By using such type of applications,anyone can easily able to track all your activities in your smartphone.They can able to see your entire details that you stored in n your smartphone.They can able to see your call log.So they can able to understand that how many person will call you and all details related to your calling.And also through such tracking applications,they can also able to track your location and they will read all your messages also.In short,If anyone installed any spy application in your smartphone without your permission they can able to track all your activities.If anyone installed such type of applications in our smartphone and hide it from our applist,we can’t able to find the presence of that application.

But,if you are a user of this application,you can easily able to find the presence of such tracking applications,if it is installed in our smartphone.After install this application,just open it and select the ‘scan’ option.At that time this application wi scan your smartphone and give a brief details about all applications that installed in your smartphone.At that time,if the application found any spy applications in your smartphone,you can able to see that and uninstall the application.

We may installed many applications in our smartphone.When we install some applications,it may ask somany permissions from us to access our contacts,gallery e.t.c.At that time majority of the people will give the permissions without reading it carefully atleast for one time.If we gave all permissions to some applications,there is a chance to track our smartphone by such applications.If any applications were tracked your smartphone,it will easily detected by this application through scanning.And also this application will detect the malware,if it is in your smartphone.

If this mobile protection application will found the presence of any tracking application in your smartphone,it will give you a detailed description about that application.This application contain many languages.So you can able to change it into your own language.When you install this application,it will not ask you for any permissions.

This mobile protection application have also a pro version that contain many attractive features.If you are a pro user of this application,it contain a daily background scheduled scanning and also it will detects the newly installed applications in your smartphone.The pro version of this application also contain a advanced hueristic engine v2.0 to detect malicious applications pretending to be a system service.

So these are the useful features of mobile protection application.If you want to secure your phone from tracking and parental control applications i recommend you to install this application.
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