Hi guys,today i would like to introduce a very useful application for you. I am sure that this application is a very useful one for all smartphone users.People use many different types of smartphones in their daily life.When we buy a new smartphone,we will must many things related to that particular smartphone.

Always we will try our level best to make the smartphone that we buy an awesome and an outstanding one.This is not only in the case of buying a smartphone.When we buy anything,especially technological items,we must try to select the best one among the available things.If we didn’t gave importance to the materials that have high quality,we may face several problems after buying that thing.

So if you want to solve this problem,there is an application for that.The name of the application is ’91 MOBILES’.This application will help you to select the best thing and compare it to others.For example,if you would like to buy a new smartphone and you are confused with two different brands.At that time,this application will help you by comparing two smartphones,it’s performance,RAM,internal memory,camera,price and all other specifications.

This application is not only for compare smartphones.Through this application you can also able to compare the price and product specs of laptops,tablets,cameras and power banks,air conditioners,washing machines,microwave oven,television,refrigerators,home theatre,printer e.t.c other than smartphones.

When anyone buy a smartphone,he look for a smartphone suitable for his budget.So this application have an outstanding feature. Through this feature,you can able to select the products that have the price determine by you.If you want a smartphone or a laptop of very low price,reduce the price limit nad if you want the same thing of a big price,just increase the price limit.If you done this,you can able to see the products of particular price and you can easily able to compare the products of same price and also different price.This is one of the best useful feature of this application.

From this application you can able to see the review videos of some products.And you can also set a notification for a special thing.That is if you see a product.But it have a big price.At that time if you set notification for that product,you will be notified when the price will be decrease.

This application provide the best deals from the various online shopping site like amazon,flip kart,snap deal,eBay,paytm,shopclues e.t.c and the products that seen in this application are very branded company’s products like samsung,micromax,sony,karbonn,HTC,asus,Gionee,lenovo,Huawaei,index,lava,Motorola,LG,Xiaomi,infocus,vivo and oneplus.

So anyway,these are the features of this application.If you want to compare these types of things to select the best thing,i recommend you to install this application.


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