Hello friends, once again welcome back to another tech update…. today I am going to introduce you a distinguished and well supported Application… that is MI control centre Notification and quick actions..
It is a custamizer Application that will change the way you use your device…you can simply convert your device settings to MIUI or iOS settings!

This application will enhance your device quality to up level…you can alter your device to MIUI or iOS design simply with a powerful control centre…

It provides you sustainable Quick access to the toolbar, settings camera,clock and others in control centre…also it lets you to customise your device with vary features…it contains powerful options to use the phone..

The main purpose of this application is you can simply seperate your rapid settings From your notification….also you can swipe down from the left of the status bar to read your messages and notifications and also from the right side to control your device settings and perfom a realistic and achievable actions In your device… You have to choice to customise the trigger areas…..

Benefits and advantages

  • It provides you powerful options to settle and customize your phone
  • Top level and advanced notification toolbar
  • You can simply adjust background types…
    *It provides you to enjoy the feature of advanced music system…….with systematic colour sense
  • It allows you to alter and customize The background picture
  • You can quickly reply to your messages and notifications as much as possible
    *You can alter the all the colours and wallpapers and related things..with by quick access…

MI control centre provides you rapid entering to the settings, screen recorders, night mood changes , screen shot, screen lock, volume controler and your favourite and attractive application……it so so simple to use and perform….and it will enterly alter the device design from one to another one….!!!

These are the features, benefits,and specifications of MI control center Application…..we are sure that it will awasome for you and change your mind set to up level…
We hope your Deep concern by using the best application….also we expect your valuable feedback, comments after using the application…..
See you soon with next tech update…..by


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