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Message reader for whatsapp

Hello everyone, today iam here to introduce a very useful application for all android smartphone users. You should try this application atleast for a single time in your life. So read this article completely to know more about this application.

I think all of you use whatsapp in your smartphone for interact with people. So we can say that whatsapp is a part of the daily life of the all smartphone users.
The application that iam going to introduce today is also a whatsapp related application. That means this application support a very useful feature for the whatsapp users. Read this article completely to understand all the details of this application.

Message reader for whatsapp

This is the name of this application. Do you know what it means ? Like i mentioned above of you use whatsapp to send messages, pictures and videos to your friends and family members e.t.c.

While you communicate through whatsapp, you will also read the reply messages send by someone to you. But you can’t able to read such type of messages everytime.

For example, if you receive a message while you are driving a vehicle you are not allowed to use your smartphone. It is against the traffic rule. So you want to read it by stop your vehicle on the road side. But it will distract the continuity of your travel and if you want to reach at your destination very fastly, you can’t able to reach there if you stop the vehicle whenever you recieve a whatsapp message.

How to solve this problem

You can able to solve this issue using this application. Do you know how ? I will tell you.
That means if you receive a whatsapp text message while you are driving, you can able to understand it using this application. That means this application will read particular message to you. So you can easily able to understand the matter in the text message send by your friends, family members, or from any official places.

This feature of this application is work based on the Google text to speech feature. So you can easily able to recognise the message received to you with the help of this application.


This is more comfortable feature. That means you can able to hear the mesage through your headset when your smartphone is connected to headphone.


You can able to use this feature to hear the message with Bluetooth connectivity devices. It is more comfortable when you are at gym or in such places.

This application also support a feature to stop the message reading. Through the settings of this application you can able to disable and enable this application and it’s features whenever you want.

So that’s all about this application. Click on the ‘ download now ‘ button available below thi post to install this application in your Android smartphone. Don’t forget to post your feedback after use this application.

See you soon.


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