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Lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint (pattern) pin

how to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint (pattern) pin. Today I am introducing an application for you which can use for locking the WhatsApp. Lot of applications are available in play store and website for locking WhatsApp. But the specialty of this WhatsApp Lock application. But from this all it differs a thing , which can lock your each personal chats very securely from misuse. Like that by using this application we can lock or ensure the security of all other apps apart WhatsApp avail in your phone at the same time. This application can work through pin code , pattern lock and by fingerprint also.

Lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint (pattern) pin

below the link to download this lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint (pattern) pin app.Click on the green Download button to download this application from the Play Store.This best WhatsApp locker app helps lock both WhatsApp and chats be it individual or group thereby preventing unauthorized access. Locker for Whats Chat App is your personal guard to secure sensitive and private chats from unauthorized access.

How to use WhatsApp with your fingerprint

this whatsapp lock app using very simple. first download and install this app on your device. after you set any password. hen add your personal chats to this chat locker and lock them.

WhatsApp Lock application can be used freely like that only less space is needed for installing the app in the phone. The app developers developed this app in a simple manner to use any person. This application can be only used in Android phones.

Lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint

Main Features whatsapp lock

  • Lock and Unlock personal chat as well as group chats with 4-digit password.
  • use your fingerprint to unlock password
  • Protect your password with your security question.
  • get 5 amazing themes for locker

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