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Lock / unlock your smartphone by wave

Welcome back. How are you ? Hope you are going good. Today we are going to introduce another awesome application for you. You know that all the applications that we introduced through this website are really useful. So try them atleast for a single time in your smartphone.

Default lock feature on your smartphone

All of you must use atleast a single smartphone. So while you use your smartphone you will definitely keep any type of confidential data in it. Majority smartphone users will definitely do like this.
Because if you keep any important or confidential datas in your smartphone and didn’t set a lock for your smartphone there is a chance to get it by some intruders. So we must want to set a lock for prevent all this type of activities.

default type lock

All of your smartphone have some different types of locks. They are usually the given things.
1) Pattern lock2) Password lock3) Pin number lock4) Face lock5) Fingerprint lock
These are the most common types of locks seen in Android smartphones. Majority of the people use any among these. But what if there is another type of lock ? Do you know anything about it ? Read this article completely. You will definitely understand all the details of this application which will help you to ensure high security to your smartphone.

Wave unlock apk
The name of this application is Wave to lock / unlock phone application. The feature of this application is also included in the name of this application. Do you know what is wave lock / unlock apk or wave lock / unlock feature ? Don’t worry. Read this article completely to understand all the details of wave unlock apk.
How it works ?
When you see the name of this application, you understand that this application have two important features. They are given below.
1) Wave lock2) Wave unlock
Wave lock and wave unlock
This feature is actually very simple. But it provide high security to your smartphone. After you enable this feature through this app you want to wave your hand on the upper side of this smartphone to get unlock.
When you wave your hand above the proximity sensor, it will recognised and your smartphone will get unlocked very easily.
Wave or tap to lock / unlock
If you are not intrested in wave your hand above the proximity sensor you can also able to tap over the proximity sensor. Both two ways are applicable. Select any of them that you want.
How to install
You can able to download this application using the ‘ download now button appear below this post.The service of this application starts after your smartphone automatically on reboot.
How to activate and deactivate
You want to activate admin access to use the features of this app and to uninstall deactivate it.
So this is all about this feature. Post your feedback after read this article completely.
See you soon with another update.


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