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lock all incoming call

Hi everyone,we are smartphone users.We use our smartphone for calling,messaging and browsing e.t.c.Now a days we can’t able to live even a day without a smartphone.So it is our duty to make our smartphone a completely secured one.So i introduce an application for that purpose.The name of the application is ‘INCOMING CALL LOCK’.This application help you to make your calls a secure one.

Everyday,we receive many calls from our friends and family members.Sometime the incoming calls are taken by our friends.In some cases it may causes many problems due to the misuse in such situations.But now onward this application help you to solve all these problems.

You didn’t get a facility from your device to lock your phone calls even it is a top branded smartphone.But you can use this application as a remedial measure for that problem.If you install this application, the incoming calls that coming to your smartphone is an encrypted one.Anyone other than you can’t able to receive any incoming calls from your smartphone.

After install this application you can able to lock your phone calls.For that you can choose password,pin number and fingerprint.When an incoming call is coming to your smartphone after this,a lock is also appear with it.When you unlock it,you can receive the call.You can use this application very easily.After install this application only you can able to receive the incoming calls.If anyone type an incorrect password or pin number for three times the call will disconnected automatically.You can also able to choose the background of lock screen of this application from your gallery.

So iam sure that this application is really a helpful one for all who use smartphone in their daily life.I recommend you to install this application for enjoying secure phone calls in your life.

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