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Live transcribe app

Hi guys, today iam here with another app called Live Transcribe. This is really an useful app for everyone who has a smartphone. Do you know what is transcribe ? Transcribe means recognising voice and convert it into text.

This is also such an app. This app will transcribe anything live on your screen. This app is not a normal live transcribe app. Of you want to know more about this app read this article completely.

This app will also recognise notifications and other sounds on your surrounding. For example if you whistle from the near of your smart phone it will recognise that sound and show us that it is a whistle sound.

This app is work on the basis of Google’s state of the art automatic speech technology. So this app provide you a better experience while you transcribe. This app also provide you a very smooth transcribing. Which means it will exactly shoe the words say by you.

This app also support many different types of languages. So people from almost all countries can use this app for transcribing.The working of this app is very simple.
First of all install this app. Then open it and provide necessary permissions. Then start talking to the live transcribe app. All the words spoken by you will capture by live transcribe app accurately in any languages available in this app.

While you speak a blue colour bubble like icon will appear on the right above corner of your smartphone.
This app also have many other important and useful features. Try this app and share your feedback.See you soon with another tech update.


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