Hello friends, once again b tech update…… today I am going to introduce a distinguished and vary significant application…it is KODAK FILM SCANNER….this application provides you the easiest way to scan and access old fashioned film materials

Is a best quality App to restore and scan old fashioned films related things to your smartphone…it is rare application that you never see and hear before…..it enhances your interest in film field… you can see the sustainable access to film area….. you will enjoy it very well….

You can simply use this application for black and white negatives..also colour negatives and positives sides.the most old films are in negatives and black sence….you can also be practical for old fashioned films by using this application

This application contains a lot of features and specifications…the app contains an editor for cropping,contrast adjustment and colour adjustment.. finally the image is stored in your photo library can be used and Shared with family and friends…..you and they can to enjoy the beauty of old fashioned films……. your Mind set will be addicted to the old fashioned films by using this application

This is a bold application is strong cardboard construction…that contains an LED backlight and a film holder for 24×36 film material….along with the KODAK mobile film scanner and the kODAK mobile scanner app… your smartphone will be most advanced…and crystal clear for enjoying your Old fashioned films…… your smartphone functions as a scanner without any wires….. it’s so easy and fun… but the the advantages and benefits of this application deponds on your smartphone …..if the smart phone in high quality then this application will be a good and best as your wish…you can enjoy The beauty of old fashioned films by using this application

These are the distinguished and relevant features of this application…..we hope you understand the features….and enjoy it very well….
We extremely hope your valuable feedback and comments, suggestions after using this application….see you soon with another tech update…..by


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