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Kerala police application [pol app]

Kerala police application [pol app]

There are number of apps related to the services of Kerala police.But we can’t able to use all such apps in our smartphone.Because it is a difficult task to use different applications for different features.But if you install the “pol app”, all these problems will be resolved.Because this application is not concentrated on particular features of the Kerala police.It is a collection of all the features and functions of Kerala police.

Now we can say that just want to install a single application for getting all the services of the Kerala police. This is a great merit of this application. The main aim of this application is reducing the number of visitors in the police station. It doesn’t mean that the police is reducing their service. This method is much transparent also.By using this app you can able to avoid the visit to the police station for simple matters. You can consider this app as a police station itself.

How to use Kerala police application [pol app]

First of install the app using the given link and register in it using your mobile number. At that time you can able to see all the services of the Kerala police in the application. For example,you will get all the contact details related to the Kerala police from the contact option. The next feature is “track my trip”. You can also able to search for the all police station from the “find police station” feature. So you can able to find the nearest police station if there is any problem.

Another important feature is passport verification.You can able to track the details of your passport verification from here. If you file a FIR in any police station, You can able to take it’s details from this application. This app provide you the emergency contact details also for providing quick help to the people. This is not the limit of the features of this application. Like i mentioned above,you can consider this application as a police station itself.

benefit for pol app

If women or senior citizen were live along,they may be register in the police station. Till now you can able to o it with the help of this app.This app is linked to the Facebook. You tube and Instagram pages of the Kerala police. The services of the Kerala police will be transparent to the public through this application. Anyway these are the services provide by this application.


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