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keep and eye on your loved ones

Now a days,different types of smartphones are released day by day.That means more number of people interested in smartphones.We can say that almost all the people of the world have at least a single smartphone.And the another important thing is,now the children and students are also use the smartphone.So when a parent buy a smartphone for his son or daughter,it is essential to monitor his child’s smartphone usage.Now a days,there are so many applications are available for this purpose.So today I would like to introduce an application that will help the parents to track the smartphone usage of their children.

Actually this is a website.The name of this website is ‘CLEVGUARD’.You can also able to download the KIDSGUARD application from this website.This application is not like other monitoring application or parental control applications.This application provide you many attractive features that will help the parents to monitor the smartphone usage of their children.This is not a free application.You can able to install this application after a payment from the clevguard website.

By using this application,one can able to track all the detials of the target device very easily.That means if a parent install this application in his son’s or daughter’s smartphone,he can able to see all the things occurred in their smartphone.It include,call details,using of all applications like social media applications like whats app,Instagram and messenger and some other applications like telegram,snap chat,tinder,we chat,viber,line e.t.c.You can also able to see the WIFI status of the target device.While you monitor the smartphone activities of the target device,you can also able to take screenshot and see the contacts ,call logs,photos and videos in gallery of the target device.

This application have some other attractive features also.That means,you can also able to see the browsing history of the target device.And you can also able to track the location of the target device.So you can able to understand the places that visit by the target device holder.

For install this application in any smartphone,you need that smartphone just for a five minutes.Then only you can install this application in the target device.After install this application in a smartphone,the icon of this application will be disappeared from the app list of the target device.So anyone other than you can’t able to recognize the presence of this application in the target device.Now i will describe the method to install this application in the target device.

For that,first of all log in into your kids guard pro account and read through the setup wizard on ‘www.clevguard.com’.After that head to the target device and download kidsguard application from the website ‘www.clevguard.net’.After that follow the easy instructions to install and configure kidsguard pro application.Finally verify the setup on ‘www.clevguard.com’ and start monitoring the target device.

If you want to monitor an iPhone or iPad,log into your kids guard account and complete the purchase on ‘www.clevgurad.com’and follow the instructions to enter the i cloud credentials and verify the account.After that start monitoring iPhone or iPad from kids guard pro’s online portal.

So these are the steps to install this application in an Android and iPhone smartphones.If you want to monitor the smartphone activities of your children,i recommend you to install this application.

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