Incoming call lock screen is a new arrival in our modern techonolical era…it is Best one for protecting your incoming call privacy and set incoming call lock on incoming calls as per the possible way for your better experience

It is a prominent application which provides you a plenty of advanced features and specifications..it is good for you to maintain the quality of the device..it will Manage your incoming calls whether it’s needy one or unhealthy…so it’s pleasure regarding one to maintain the original quality of it

By using this application you can simply secure incoming calls and related in a simple manner… this is advanced application which allows you to add a secure lock on incoming calls…and also you can set a password according to the privacy and confidentiality of the device and your call..so it is most beneficial for you…

This application is being included a lot of features and specifications… You can enable and disable secure incoming call lock and also different secure incoming lock patterns as per the guidelines to this in a simple method. You can also change incoming call lock background wallpaper…and also change incoming caller name which shows on the incoming call screen in order to make it easy

We are sure that it will change your mind set towards the calls and related..it is something special one for you… your incoming calls are protected and simply managed..no one can to make an access to your android device without your permission and consent..so it is Best one for the privacy and confidentiality

So you guys kindly install and use it for the better experience on your incoming calls which May include more comfortable and affordable to it as per the requirement and regards…so don’t miss it this application is golden One towards you


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