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Inappropriate touches – Touch Protector

Inappropriate touches

Hi guys, what’s up ! Hope you are going good. We all know that the world of apps conquered the world of technology now. Now a days you can able to see apps for almost all type of technological things. People use apps for many purposes in their daily life like browsing, watching useful videos, buying products, chating, designing, capturing and editing photos e.t.c. From this we can understand that apps are the part of the daily life of each and every human being who use a smartphone.

Inappropriate touches

So when we install an app we must consider it’s features like is it a useful one ? What are the features of particular app ? Is that app is compitable with your smartphone e.t.c.
Likewise we know that which are the best useful apps for our readers. And that is what is we introducing through this website.
So today iam going to introduce a very useful app for our readers. The features of this app are really mind blowing. The technology used in this app will help you in many different situations.
The name of the app is ” touch lock ” . Do you know why you want to use this app ?

Like i said above we all are smartphone users. So it is definitely sure that you watch videos and play songs in your smartphone. Sometime when you watch a video, the screen will work due to some inappropriate touches done by you. The truth is it is done by you without listening.
So due to this type of problems the video played by you will be forwarded or backwarded or closed on sometime.
This type of situations will also occured when there is water on your smartphone’s screen or on your hand.

Anyway we want to stop this issue. For that you just want to install this app and use it. This app will help you to prevent inappropriate touches in your screen. So if you enable this feature through this app the screen will not work if you touch on it. Which means you can able to watch videos without any problem. You can also able to use this feature for hearing songs while your smartphone is in your pocket.

For enable this feature, first of all install this app like i mentioned above. Then open this app. After that enable the ” start notification ” option. After your use, open the notification bar and stop the service of the app from there.

This app will also help you to prevent the inappropriate touches done by children when they take your smartphone for watching cartoons.
I think you may understand the features of this app and it’s uses after read this article. So don’t forget to post your feedback after use this app.
Thanks for reading.
See you soon.

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