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Jpg to pdf application

Hello everyone, welcome back. Today we are going to share a very useful application for you. Like i mentioned before, this post is also a very useful one for all android smartphone users. So try this application at least for a single time.


If I ask you what you know about pdf, it will be a foolish question. Because nowadays everyone knows about pdf. Pdf is a particular type of file which includes photos, texts, links e.t.c.

People use pdf to save the datas in a better way. It has become a very important one now. Because it is also used for keeping confidential datas of many offices.

Now let’s discuss the application that we are going to introduce today. Actually this application is divided into four sections.
They are given below.

1) Camera
2) Gallery
3) File manager
4) Generated PDF

Now let’s discuss the features of this application.


This is the first and very important feature of this application. I think you are familiar with this feature. But if anyone among our subscribers didn’t know about this feature, I will give a brief.
JPG is a photo file. So in some cases you want to convert photos to a pdf file for any official things or for any other matters. At that time if you convert a JPG file into a PDF file. So that means after that the photo file is converted to a PDF file.
But the photo that you converted to a PDF file is the same as the JPG photo. The one and only thing changed is the file type. So i think you understand everything about JPG to PDF converters.


This is a very relevant question that you have before installing this application in your smartphone. Actually it is a very simple task. First of all install this application. If you didn’t know how to install this application from this article, read this article completely. So I think that now you understand how to make a PDF file from pictures.

Anyway after installing this application from the given link, open it. At that time you are able to see the four above mentioned sections.
The first one among them is camera

JPG to pdf


Here you are able to capture a picture that you want to convert into PDF. That means you want to convert a page into a PDF file. But you didn’t capture it. So you didn’t want to capture it in the camera application and then open this application to select. You are able to capture the photo directly from this application itself to convert it into a PDF file.


If you already saved the pictures in your gallery that you want to convert into PDF, just open your gallery and select the photos that you want to convert into PDF.
You are able to select and include multiple numbers of photos into a single PDF file itself.


Like the gallery, you can also able to select the photos from the file manager of your Android smartphone. Here you can search and select photos very easily.

So these are the three different types of methods to select photos to convert to a PDF file. You can select the appropriate one among them.


This is the last Section of this application. You are able to see the generated PDF files in this section.
You are able to create small PDFs and big PDF with this application.


If you want to ensure high security to the PDF file that you generated with this application, you are able to enable password protection to the PDF files by providing a better password. Password protection will prevent from opening the PDF file without entering the correct password. So you want to share the password also along with the PDF file to open it.


Cluck on the ‘ download now ‘button to install this application in your Android smartphone.

So that’s all about this application. I Am sure that this is really a useful one. So try this app and post your feedback.

See you soon with another tech update


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