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HOW TO SECURE WHATS APP The app that we are going to introduce in this post today is a very useful application for people who use WhatsApp.  We have already introduced to you a lot of applications that are available to people who use WhatsApp.  This is a different app from all of them.  because we have already introduced WhatsApp security app in a post.  But WhatsApp can make the whole app safer using that app.But what makes this app special is that it is an app used to lock any person’s chat on WhatsApp only for that person’s message.

.Some peoples chat their personal and some chats normal things. If anyone asks your mobile, when you give them, they first open your WhatsApp to see your chat. This character is not like most peoples. At this situation, you will use this method. Using this method you can easily lock any important chats or groups in WhatsApp.

HOW TO SECURE WHATS APP Let’s see how to use it.This app is the Locker chat app. You can easily secure your private and group WhatsApp chats and maintain their secrets using a PIN. The best part is it can not only lock chats, it even has the ability to secure the complete app using a single PIN. The App is unique and very useful as it focuses on your personal and secrets. Using this app you can lock one or more chats and groups also.Click on Download Now button below. Then download our lock app. Then install.

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