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What’s up ! Today iam going to introduce a very useful application for you. This app is suitable for all type of android smartphones. That means the features provided by this app to all smartphones is same.
The name of the application is ” touch protector “. This is one of the best touch disabling application.


Do you know anything about touch disabling feature and why do you want to use this feature in your feature? Don’t worry. Let me describe it for you.
Sometimes you may keep your smartphone somewhere without using like in the pocket e.t.c . In such cases you may forget to off your smartphone. You may just put in your pocket after cut a call or in such situations.
And when you do like that, your smartphone will continue it’s work due to the minor touch from the pocket.
There are many such cases. So this application will help you by providing the extra ordinary features of this app like

  1. Shake
    In this section your smartphone’s touch screen will be locked which means it will not work when you put your smartphone in your pocket or somewhere after enable this feature.
  2. Proximity
    Your phone will be automatically lock when it recognise with the help of a sensor that somemting covered your smartphone.
  3. This feature will lock your smartphone when the smartphone is turned upside down. This feature is not available for tablet devices.
    You can aslo able to customise and check other features using the options like
  • Hard keys
  • Lock design
  • While locked
  • Status bar
  • Safety
  • Advanced
  • Donation
    So if you want to prevent the working of your smartphone on above mentioned situations, install this app now.


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