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how to make fake call

Hi friends. Fake call is an application that will be introduced to you today. What’s unique about this is that we can make a new number and make another call.So we can not know who the caller calls. It also uses this application to replace our sound with another voice.

Fake Call is a useful tool when you want to get rid of someone. When you feel uncomfortably – pretend that someone is calling to you! You can set up a fake call and receive it as a real one. This tool uses your original ringtone and it looks like a real phone call, so everyone will think that you need to receive a call!
There are many adjustments and tools you can use in this app, for example you can choose the chucky picture and voice you want and the phone interface call ,you can choose the number and the name of the character that will call you, and set times for the fake call , which you will receive with your phone’s ringtone, you have also the possibility to add new pictures and record new voices and set some false calls for different times , which means this app can replace any other fake call apps in the store ( IT , girlfriend , boyfriend , ect);

Voice changer for call is the ultimate app for making creepy and funny phone calls. It also supports HD voice recordings using your phone built in microphone.
Prank call your friends use the app to change your voice during the call and add funny sound effects in real time during a phone call.
With voice changer during call ,you can easy prank your friends during your conversation with a lot of voices such as : British accent , girl voice , giant , helium , drunk , evil, japenese 
Very funny real time voice changer 
Make a fake call and prank your family and friends 
You can choose different voices in one call
Call voice changer on phone calls
One of the features is that these two things are part of an application. This application can be downloaded freely from Google PlayStore. The link below is as follows. If you like it, share it with your friends.

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