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How to get all call logs.Today we are going to introduce you to an application that can do this. Many people have asked us how to get call logs on a mobile phone. you can see only the calls made in a week or two.

But after installing this app, you can view the call history on your mobile device and print it out, no matter how old it is.One problem that many people who use mobile phones say is that after two weeks the call logs they haven’t been able to read or understand.There is no doubt that this application will be very useful for such people.

Usually you get calls. Miss call in your phone or when you make a call to someone else you are automatically saving the call logs on your mobile phone. But new call detail arrive, old calls are automatically delete.But using this app prevents call history from being automatically delete. The link to download this app is below and you can download this app very easily after clicking on the link. How to get all call .

Once downloaded and installed, this application will automatically back up all your calls. Then you can monitor and print out any day call history of your choice.Mobile phone lost. Or when you change your phone or use a new phone. Once backed up call logs with this application. This app lets you instantly return your entire call logs to a new phone.We introduce a number of applications on our website.

We introduce a number of applications on our website. Use it only at your own risk. Neither our searchjobz.com website will be liable for any adverse events caused by this. If you know of an application that is useful to the public, please share with us.Comment your comments on this website in the comment box below

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