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HOW TO DOWNLOAD FACE BOOK VIDEOS. We use many type of social media applications in our smartphone like facebook,whatsapp e.t.c.We use these social medias for many purposes like share and receive important news and chatting e.t.c.Among these twoapplications,facebook have more attractive features.Through facebook,we can able to post and share photos,videos and texts.

When we see some of the photos and videos in facebook,we want to download that.We can able to download the photos.But we can’t able to download the videos in Facebook. Majority among us must try to download the videos from Facebook and you tube. Today i will introduce an application that will help you to download the videos from Facebook. I will definitely introduce an application later for download the videos from you tube. This application will help you to download the videos from Facebook. The name of the application is ‘VIDEO DOWN LOADER FOR FACEBOOK’.using this application,you can able to download any videos in Facebook easily. HOW TO DOWNLOAD FACE BOOK VIDEOS.

Download FB Videos

While using Facebook you will see a attractive video and you are interest to share it with your friends and make it as your whats app status.If you want to do that just install this application.
You can’t able to download the videos directly from Facebook. But,with this application you can able to download the Facebook videos.For that,Just copy the link of the video which you would like to download from Facebook and copy it in this application.After that you can able to download your selected videos.And also this application provide you a fast and simple downloading feature.

you can download more videos at a single time itself and if the downloading is complet you will get a notification.If you downloading a video and it paused when you turn off the mobile data,the downloading will be continue when you will switch on the mobile data.All the videos that you download are HIGH DEFINITION (HD) videos.By using this application you can also able to view Facebook feeds with the built-in browser.

Iam sure that all of us must search for an application like this for at least a single time.That’s why I introduce this application for you.So just install the application and start downloading the Facebook videos.


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