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How to block camera and microphone

How to block camera and microphone. In this post we will introduce. Mobile Phone is an app that everyone can use. We have already introduced the Spy app. Once the Spy app is install on our mobile. Others can use the camera and mic on our mobile phones without us even knowing it. Once the Spy app hidden, we don’t know what other people tracking our mobile device.So they can use our mobile camera and mic,But once this app is install, we can prevent others from using our mobile phone’s camera and mic

Once this app set on your mobile phone, you will get a notification when someone else uses your mobile phone’s camera or mic using the spy app. ¬†Just like that tiny light next to your laptop camera.So this app will stop the intruders using the Spy app to some extent,A few days ago two or two people asked how to get rid of the Spy app.Such people think this app be very beneficial, If you have some private moments and you want to disable your device cam or mic this app is perfect for you.

check review this app

Click on the link below to go to the Play Store. and see this app reviews Once it checked, you will see how useful this application.Similarly you can see the comments of people using this app.

How to block camera and microphone Once this app is install, you should notice the notification on your mobile phone. as well as the LCD switches off & switched on immediately. because Spy app is a hacking message that gets hack. Click on the Get it one google play Tone button below this post. automatically open play store,and click install button.Install and use this app at your own discretion. Our website is not responsible for any problems related to this . just comment below your valuable suggestions

Use the apps introduced on our website only at your own risk.Neither I nor my website will be liable for any adverse events caused by this.

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