Hello friends, welcome back to another tech update… hope you all fine… today I am going to introduce a glorious and advanced application that is Home button launcher” it is absolutely designed for swiping to quick launch your favourite apps…

It is a awesome application which provides you a plenty of features and advantages… you may get various designs and replays of it….no more worries and no more convenient for it…so it may affect what you turn into
your valuable feedback and other parts of your android device….it will never make you worries by using this application

It allows various concepts of features and advantages…it is your personalized home button app launcher…the main highlight of the application is it doesn’t contain any advertisements and related events….so you can use it very secure and protective….it is customised as Assist in the application’s main menu to open system settings dialogue…

It contains the Assist action is launched via Diagonal swipe from bottom left…on devices with gesture navigation…long click on home button android 6 home button swipe up …so it may work as your presist and may it well as you posible to do it.

We ensure highly secure and protective to your android version…so that you will avail as much as possible..it will be highly qualified and advanced level features after installing this application to your favourite one…it will be a golden opportunity to you as you require to any concept and advanced level of happiness

These are relavent informations about above mentioned application..we hope you guys got it well…we externmaly expect your valuable feedback, comments and replays after installing this application…see you soon with next tech update


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