Hello guys.Today i would like to introduce an entirely different application for you.The features of this awesome application will really attract you to install this application.This is a background video recorder application.hide video recording .That means you can able to record videos at any time even your smartphone is off.

This application will work even your phone is locked in state.That means anyone who look to your smartphone or take it,can’t able to recognize the ongoing background recording in your smartphone.Video will also record when you use any other applications and you can also able to use front camera or back camera to record videos.

If you want to record videos,just press the power button for four times and do the same thing for stop the recording.
Now you understand that the method of recording is very easy.So now I will say about the other important features of this application.After capture a video you can able to trim it as per your wish.hide video recording

when anyone of your friends will take you smartphone,they can’t able to find the presence of this application.Because you can able to change the icon of the application very Simply.Iam sure that this is the one and only application that provide you these much attractive features.

If you miss the datas of this application,you can able to back up by using ‘GOOGLE DRIVE BACK UP’.You can also able to set a timer to start/stop the recording.If your smartphone didn’t have the sufficient storage,the recording will be automatically stopped.

This application is a well encrypted application.So you can use this application very easily.So i recommend you to install this application for a better background recording in a most better method.

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