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Hide All Application Your Mobile Phones

Hi friends.  That’s the application we’re going to experience.  WhatsApp is a nice app for all applications that you can use to hide your mobile phone.  We have written a lot about this hide application because many people have asked us about this application. 

For them is the reason for writing this blog.After installing this app on our mobile phone we check your mobile phone and try to use another one of our WhatsApp Facebook.  Or we have hid any application.  The app can not be viewed on our mobile phone anyway.This is an application that can be used to hide our application in this way.
App Hider will help you hide your application icon on device. This app is able to hide any apps installed even you can lock any apps with password. In order to hide app you just needs to select app and press single button then your app will not be visible anymore on android desktop. And for lock do the same process.
AppLock and App Hider both are different things, because if you lock any app then everybody can see app icon on home screen and launcher screen, but in App Hider no one can see app icon on home screen and launcher screen as icons of apps are not visible. Usually, you need to root our phone in order to hide the apps and the like.  The common people do not know how to route this way.  That’s why we need another technological aid.  But by applying this app’s hype, anyone can hide the apps on his phone without anyone’s help. A lot of this application is available in the Play Store today.  I’m introducing to you an application that is different from what I like and is hard to use.  Also, the Internet is the only small internet to download this app.  Additionally, the small space is enough to install on our phone.  Another feature is that this application can be used without internet access. You can use this application entirely for free.  This is an hide application. that can set up password.

This is why we have set the password to make any change in this hide application. It is impossible to find out which application we have hid with someone without our password.so This application is 100% trusty.If you liked this application then surely share it with others and download the link below to download this hide application.

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