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Hidden Apps & Anti Spy Detector

Hi guys, today iam going to add another awesome app to the list of the apps that we introduced through this website. This really an useful app. Iam definitely sure that each and everyone who own a smartphone must want to install this app.

The name of this app is ” cyber security ” . Now you may understand a little about this app. Yes, you are right. This application will help you to increase the security of your smartphone. You may see and use many such applications before in your smartphone. But this app is not like that. This app provides the complete security solution for protect your smartphone. While we use our smartphone sometime we may give it to some people. And there is a chance to install any intruder applications or tracking application in your smartphone by them. If anyone do like that in your smartphone that can easily able to know all your activities that you done with your smartphone. That means they can able to see your location, the photos and videos in your gallery, your contact list and call details e.t.c.
So it is essential to prevent this type of activities. For that this application will help you.
The important features provided by this app to protect your smartphone are listed below.

1) Spy applications detector
2) Applications analyser
3) Block camera
4) System advisor
5) Hidden apps
6) High risk apps

These are the important features provided by this app. Like I mentioned above you can able to see all the hidden apps that installed in your smartphone. And you can also able to find who is connected to your Wi-Fi.
like this this application provide you complete security solutions to protect your smartphone.
Install this application if you want to secure your smartphone from intruders and to find the hidden apps and any such tracking softwares that installed in your smartphone.
Post your feedback after use this apps.

click here to install this app

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