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Gbord Application

Hello friends, once again welcome back to another tech update, Here, now I introduce a vary and special application for you… that is GBOARD _THE GOOGLE KEY BOARD… it’s designed for typing what is in your mind with fast and smart …..

GBOARD application provides a plenty of advanced features and specifications for typing…..it contains powerful and effective typing with Emojis,GIFs and more ….it provides also all you need to be the typing more comfortable and effective… GBOARD has everything you want and love about Google keyboard…. team Google tried to become more comfortable and affordable for customers….. that is why we can to make a sure sign in way we use it.

Gboard contains

  • Glide typing: type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter..
  • Handwriting: write In cursive and printed letters
  • Voice typing: easily dictate text on the go
    Emoji search: find the attractive Emojis, GIFs for you.
    Google translate: it provides you translate what you write in keyboard…

The most advanced feature is it provides multilingual typing.. there is no need for switching the settings or searching manually.but Gboard autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages….it Will enhance your confidence in way of typing….and comfortable…no longer need to be worried about the typing……now this is the best application and superb for typing smart and effective

Some effective things which contains
_ *it provides gesture cursor control,,gester delete,
*Make the numbers row always available
*Hintig symbols

  • One handed mode

And another fascinating feature is it supports hundred of language varieties….it allows you to enter to the world of language….it provides you what you want as a language ….. that is why it is enough to typing with smart and effective….

These are the distinguished and relevant features of mentioned Gboard application….we hope you understood that we underlined..and also extremely expect your valuable feedback, comments and suggestions after using this application…..
See you soon with another tech update….by


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