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Gboard Google Keyboard

Hi friends,today iam going to introduce a keyboard app for you.The name of the app is Gboard or google keyboard.Iam definitely sure that majority of the smartphone contain this app.But the fact is many people are not well aware with this app.

So today Iam going to introduce the awesome features and uses of this keyboard app.Like any other keyboard app this app also have emoji and hit with very fast and smooth typing.
The very important features of this keyboard are glide typing,voice typing,handwriting,emojis search,GIFs,multilingual typing and google translate.

Among this house typing feature will help you to make a fast typing by gliding your fingers from letter to another letter.You can write in cursive style and printed letters style by using this app.
And also this app also provide you the GIF and emoji features which will help you to share your feelings while chating.

You can also able to switch the keyboard into hundred variety languages.This keyboard also support google translate feature.So you can easily able to translate the words and sentences.
These are the features of this app.If you want to use the above mentioned features,i recommend you to install and use this app in your smartphone.


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