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GB whatsapp introduces you today .  Most people who use mobile are using Whats App.  There is no such thing as a Whats App in the world. The main reason why everyone uses Whats App is its futures.  Each of its settings and futures are arranged so that everyone can use it as a simple.  Therefore, more and more people are using Whats App.  What we are going to introduce today is GB whats app application based on Whats App.  In my opinion this is an app that contains more features and things than Whats App.  For now let’s call this app GB Whats App. First hello to you in our website. GB Whats App is similar version of Whats App have too many amazing features and a lot of privacy options and themes,

GB whatsapp

Features of GB Whats App

GBWhatsApp have different package name so you can use two applications of Whats App in same android device. And we always give you new updates for GB whatsapp. So enjoy to use the amazing features of GB Whats App without any fear to stops updates. Or any damage to your phone because GB Whats App is 100% safe for android.  Because once you install this Whats App on your mobile you will understand that this contains a lot of futures.  To explain it all, there will be a lot of posts.  So what we are going through in this post today is the GB Whats App main threat cases.

Download the GB whatsapp

 The link to download the GB Whats App is given below. And you can download the app for free by clicking on the download button below. Now let’s see what the main futures for GB Whats App. This is mainly due to the Hide online status. This means the app can be set in such a way that no one else will know if we are coming online. Hide Blue Ticks on what the second Future is. Once a message has been sent to us, if we open it. We will see blue tics appear on the mobile whats app of the person who made the message. But with the use of the GB Whats App,Blue ticks can hide it. Similarly, when we send a voice message to someone on WhatsApp, the sender can read that we are recording.

Install GB GB whatsapp

GB Whats App allows you to prevent readings of this type.  Similarly when we type a message in Whats App. the person sitting on the other side can see the writing message.  This application also makes it easy to hide typing.  Similarly, if we want to show our friends the status that we have set in Whats App. We can hide status them. GB Whats App is an application with a lot of futures of this kind.  To learn more about this app you can check and install GB Whats appJust go to the settings and check if each of the teachers can make use of it.  Don’t forget to comment below on your website.

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