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free call India application

free call India application

Hi friends,today i would like to introduce an outstanding application for you. I am definitely sure that,this application is really a helpful one for all smartphone users.And this application and it’s attractive functions will attract you to install this awesome application.First of all let me introduce the name of this application is ‘CALL INDIA FREE’.

I think that you will understand about the function of this application when you see the name of this application.Now a days,all sim cards companies provide many different types of unlimited packs for the customers.It include unlimited calling and a particular data.Many people recharge this type of unlimited packs to their smartphone always.
But sometime,some people didn’t recharge unlimited packs.They only recharge a little calling pack to their smartphone.This application is really a useful one for such type of people.Because this application provide free calling to anywhere to India.
By using this application,you can able to call free anywhere in India.You can able to call to mobile number and also to the landline.It doesn’t matter that the call receiver use internet or not.They will receive your call even they didn’t have a internet connection.This application provide you high quality calls without any charge.
When you install this application,you will get 2000 credits and 5000 credits when you refer your friends to this application.The use of this credits is,this will help you to calling.You will get this credits by check in everyday,invite friends and from the lucky draw.
After install this application,register with your phone number and you can able to do call for free to your friends or to anyone for.
The another attractive feature of this application is,when you call anyone from this application,your number is not seen in their smartphone.They will see any invalid number instead of your real number.

So If you want to call for free to anyone in India,i recommend you to install this application.


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