Hello friends, once again welcome back to our Tech update….. now,I am going to introduce a special and new updated application… that is smash: file transfer. it is formly designed for transferring the photos, videos,apps and documents From your phone or tablet to another one….

It is a best quality App for sending files very easily,safely and freely… there will be no more error and problem…in sending files…..you can simply do it without any delay…. You will be satisfied with this application……in case if you are in a busy ….or in any engagement you can manage in very smooth way..

After downloading the application you have no more need any registration required for using this application.
It is most advanced feature of this application…
You guys should follow some rules to start sharing.. firstly,you have to select the files after opening the application…then you can simply transfer the files to other One

There are two types of transfer 1) free version
2) paid version..
Features of free version

  • No file size limits
  • No compression of your files
  • Access to the last transfer
  • Data encryption in transist and at rest.
  • All made by 100% certifiles french brains..
  • More than 2 GB ..non priority for transfer…
  • You can store the files close to you….

Features of paid version

  • there is no more limites In file size
  • You can store the files up to 365 days..
  • You can simply customize of transfer design..
  • You can access to the last transfer

These are the features of the application… you guys were waiting for it..we did it for you….it is just a matter of time…..you have no more worry about the application… because it is absolutely best choice for sharing photos, videos and fies from your phone to another one…

We hope you understood the mentioned application very well…it will be very useful for you…we extremely expect your valuable feedback, comments and replays after installing the application….. hope you guys fine …..see you soon with next tech update…


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