Hi friends,the application that I introduce today is a very useful one for all smartphone users.The name of this application is ‘AUTO FILE TRANSFER’.This application is well suitable for all types of smartphones.

We all are smartphone users.We use different types of smartphones.We buy a smartphone by looking it’s all details like storage,RAM,Camera e t.c.But in some case ,some smartphones have only a little storage.If we buy it we can’t able to own a big space.But in such cases we use SD cards for acquiring more space.But at that time also we want to do the moving option of files to the SD card.But if you install this application in your smartphone,this one will help you for automatically moving of those files in your device to the SD card.

So the function of this application is really a useful one.We use the camera application in our smartphone.If we capture a photo from camera,the photo is saved to the device storage.If this process is done for a long time,your storage become completed.But this application will find a solution for this problem.When you enable the any applications like camera through this application,all the files like photos,videos,audios and other all types of files will be automatically moved to your SD card.So this application help you to set your device storage freely.This application have some other important features.You will get a notification if the file is successfully moved to your SD card.And also you can move somany folders at a single time itself

This application is only work in the devices of android 5.0 and above.So anyway this application is really an awesome one and very useful one to all smartphone users.So i recommend you to install this application for the smooth performance of your smartphone.

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