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Hi guys, today iam going to add another awesome app to the list of the apps that we introduced through this website. Iam definitely sure that this is really an useful app fir everyone who own a smartphone. If you install this app in your smartphone you can able to enjoy many extra features in your smartphone.
The name of this app is ” files ” . You may understand a little bit about this app while you see the name of this app. Actually this is a file manager app.

But you can’t alle to consider this app as a normal file manager app. Like i mentioned above this app comes with many awesome and useful features. I will tell you all about that. So read this article completely to understand all the details about this app.
By using this app you can able to manage the files in your smartphone.

You can also able to find and delete the big and the files that didn’t use for a while or doesn’t want.
So if you own a old type of smartphone having low internal storage, you can easily able to find the big files and delete it. By doing this you can also able to solve the problems like lag due to storage problem.
You can also able to manage all the apps in your smartphone using this app.

You can also able to bookmark your favourite folder. If you do like that such folders will be appear on your home screen
This app also supports a search bar feature. You can use this for search the files that you can’t able to find properly.
You can also able to share the files using wifi and hotspot to other smartphones or pc.
This app also provide the categorise feature for find the folders and files easily within a short period of time.

If you are searching for above mentioned features for free up your smartphone and for using the other features of this app, install this app now.


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