Dear freinds
Today we are introducing another super item. In current days we are struggling due to storage overload. And we are always looking for a better way for this. Today i have come up with a solution to this. Its name is “file cleaner, junk clean”.

It is very useful application for us. Because in current world almost people are using smartphones.not only that todays schools became online due to corona virus.none of the schools are open because of corona virus. So today almost phones are full of things like videos and pdf formats. These includes what we need and what we do not have. So we are forced to delete all that.

So freinds this app is big solution for this. This apps big feature is one tap to free up storage and speed up your phone by uprooting or cleaning junk files.
With this app we can find the applications that take more storage space like films, camera videos etc.and we can make different between large files and small files.

Other special advantages are you can understand which apps are taking more storage space. And help us to manage the apps. We can easily create the txt files. If we install this app our phone will be clean and free up from exceeding the storage space.our phones other problem is if the stotage was full the phone will be hang and slow. So this app saves from these problems.

In these days all apps takes catche. This is a big problem of us.with this app we can easily solve that problem also.
This apps power will be understand according to reviews


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