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Fancy Text Anywhere Directly

You may use many different types of attractive fonts in your smartphone. While you use the social media apps like whatsapp, facebook,instagram e.t.c you may use many different types of keyboard apps and many different types of fonts.

You may see and use many different types of font style apps. But while you use such type of apps,there is a big limitation. That means while you such apps you need to copy the text which you want to change the style into this app and copy the style that you liked and after that you want to paste it into the particular place. In short using such type of app changing the font style is very difficult. And that’s why many people didn’t try different types of fonts.

But don’t worry. Here is a new app for you. This app will help you to change the font style very easily within seconds.
For change the font style with the help of this app you need to tap and hold the text which you want to change the style. At that time you can able to see the option “style it”. Select it and choose appropriate style for the selected text.

These are the steps to change the font style using this app. If you can’t able to change the font style,add “+” icon at the beginning and end of the word. So anyway this is a very nice app. Just check it out for more details.


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