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Emoji Maker and Avatoon Face Stickers

Hi guys,today iam going to introduce a very useul app for everyone those who use social media apps like whatsapp,facebook,instagram e.t.c. Actually this is an app which provide stickers for whatsapp and to other social media apps.

That means by suing this app you can simy create your own whatsapp stickers for send to your friends and family members.
The name the app is “mirror”. You can alvo able to create memes,big avatars and emojis for android. Do you think that this is a common feature Privided many such apps. But don’t worry. Here are some awesome features for you.

Personal Emoji Top Stickers Keyboard for Android
Check out personalized animated gifs and keyboard customization! Share bitmoji like stickers to any dialog via Mirror sticker maker: emoji for Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram or Twitter. Mirror avatar maker gives you suggestions for Smiley and Emoji prediction so you can express yourself fast. Add in phrases like “I love you” or “Happy birthday!” and send your personal presents for texting.

By using this app you acn able to put anything you want on the decide wheel and check unique roulette pics. This app also support custom personlaised avatars and it can be more effective on social media apps. This app also support keyboard of emoji stickers having many different and attractive emoji stickers. You can also able to add texts to the emojis through this app.

Stickers having a important part while you chat through social media apps. Because it will help you to express your emotions in a different manner and it is the best.
You can also able to send the stickers according to your mood while chating.
Anyway this app provide you complete stickers and it’s different types of attractive features. If you need more beautiful stickers,install this app in your smartphone.

click here to install this app

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