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EASY NOTIFICATION APP.Hi guyz,today I would like to introduce a different type of application for you .Iam definitely sure that,anyone of you didn’t see or use this application till now.This app is really an useful one for all smartphone users and it will help you to make your life more happier than before.
The name of this application is ‘DAY WISE’.This application act as a smart pox for your notifications.
You may use many social media applications and other applications in our smartphone.While you use such type of applications like whats app,Facebook and Instagram or some other applications like this,you may receive a number of notifications in a single day.If you are a member in many whats app groups or Instagram groups,you may receive many message’s notification on each day.
While you are in a work or some activities like driving,you can’t able to see the messages and gave reply to them.But in some cases,we want to definitely gave reply to some messages like official messages.
But if you receive all the messages including other messages with important or official messages,you can’t able to gave reply quickly.
If you are a user of this application,it will classify your applications into two.They are ‘instant’ and ‘batched’.Instant means,it includes the important applications which may send you important notifications instantly.
The second option is ‘batched’ option,it includes the applications that may send you less important messages and the messages from such type of applications will delivered to you when you are free.
This EASY NOTIFICATION APP also help you to calculate the time that you used the smartphone and not used.You can also able to change the instant applications as batched and batched applications as instant.
So these are the features of this application.If you want to categorize your messages from your applications as important and less important and schedule it’s receive time,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.


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