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Easily Measure application

Hi guys,toady i would like to introduce an outstanding application for you. Iam sure that you never see such an application like this before.The functions of this application will really attract you to install this application in your smartphone.First of all let me introduce the name of this application.The name of this application is ‘MEASURE’.This is not a common application.This application is developed by ‘GOOGLE LLC’.

If I describe the functions of this application,it will really attract you.In our daily life,sometimes we want to measure the length or height of something.For that you may use some measuring equipment’s. But after install this application,you never want to use any type of such equipment’s. Because after install this application,you never want to use any equipment’s to measure the length,height and inches of anythings.
By using this application,you can also able to measure the above mentioned things very easily and fastly.
First of all install this application in your smartphone.After that open the application and give necessary permissions .Then you can able to open the camera of your smartphone and capture the photo of anything that you want to understand the measurement.
If you capture a photo of anything like table,wood piece or anything,this application provide you the measurement of the captured equipment’s.
Now a days,majority of the people wants measurements if many things of many purposes.For example a carpenter needs a tap for measure woods.Like that many high professionals like engineers also needs measurement tools for many purpose.In this case google will help you to make your job easy.So anyway we can say that this application of Google is really a help full one for everyone in every sector.
The important thing is the measurement collected from this application is an estimated value.
So anyway this application is an entirely different and an awesome application that will really help many people who own many different sectors. Uf you want to calculate the estimate value of something very fastly,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.


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