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Download YouTube videos

Download YouTube videos

Hi guys,today i would like to introduce Download YouTube videos for you and this is a very useful one.We all are you tube users and we watch many different types of videos in you tube. When we watch some videos,we may like it.At that time you may wish to download it directly from the you tube. But you can’t able to download it directly from the you tube. The you tube didn’t provide such a feature for the users.

Through you tube,you can able to download some videos.But these videos will not available in your gallery.You can able to see that video only through you tube. The downloading option is also available for only some few videos.This is a main limitation of you tube and it will be a disturbance to the you tube users. Now a days,there are so many applications in to download the you tube videos.You can able to download the you tube videos through such types of applications.But it is a difficult task to download the videos through such applications.

But don’t worry.There is a solution to solve this problem.There is a different and easier method to download all you tube videos very easily by your current facility of your smartphone.For that you just need any browser like GOOGLE or any other browser applications.In all smartphones there is google,already. That’s why I said that,you didn’t want to install any application for this purpose.
If you want to download the you tube videos without using any new applications,just follow the below steps.

1)Open the youtube and select the video that you want to download.

2) Click on the’SHARE’ option below the video and select the ‘copy link’.

3)Open any browser (GOOGLE).

4)Type ‘www.savefrom.net’ and search it.

5)Copy the link in the opened browser.

The name of the browser is ‘online video down loader’.
After that click on the ‘download’ option and select the quality of the video.After that give the necessary permissions.At that time the download will be started.After that,you can able to see that video from your gallery or any other video players. Like this,you can able to download any number of videos from youtube. If you want to download the attractive videos from you tube,follow the above steps.

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