Hello….it is a good news for you..we introduce before you something special one for you… that’s is disable touch.it is formly designed and developed for disable the touch on their phone to avoid accidental clicks

As you know..we are all using the modern technology devices..we are all updating our device on daily day to day…. phone is much more important one in our life that is everyone wants to make their phone so attractive and vivid

Here a very useful application for you for disable the screen touch..it helps you to prevent unwanted touches on your screen… many people faces many regrets on their device by unwanted touches.so f you lock it then you can simply manage it on your device and related one….so it is widely used one and most wanted application in this modern era

It let’s you to to listen and watch videos while walking even with the phone in your pocket..so it is nice one for you as per the visible matter and to be make sure it is a formula to manage it as per the control and simple method your device will be more attractive and facinated one..

disable touch specifications

It has it is own glorious features and specifications..by using this application you can automatically detects phone calls and re enabled touch if disabled. .. the main highlight of the application is it can be used for over any video streaming app like Netflix, you tube to listen to your favourite videos even strong even when your phone is in your pocket without the worry of accidental touches..as you wish

We ensure that it will be best option for your device… also it is better for your technical life.. that’s why please download and install it for the better experience… don’t miss it . this is a golden opportunity for you….


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