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DirectChat application

Hi guys today I am going to introduce a very useful application for you. This is a best application for everyone who use social media apps and other such types of apps in their smartphone. Do you understand anything about the app now?
The name of the app is ” direct chat ” . If you are an user of the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, telegram e.t.c and other type of social media apps , this app is definitely help you to make the use of such type of apps very easier and faster.

You may understand the feature of this app while you see the name of the app.

You are right. This app will help you to create chat heads/ chat bubble for any apps especially the apps like social media apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, telegram e.t.c.
You may see and use many such apps. But this app is not like that. Because you can also create chat head for the other installed apps in your smartphone along with social media apps.

Do you know what are the merits of these features?
By using this app you can able to read the messages in the app like WhatsApp, facebook messenger, instagram, telegram e.t.c without coming online or showing your last seen. That means you can able to read the messages indirectly, but the one who send you message didn’t able to understand that you already read the message untill you open the chat directly through whatsapp.

If you receive any notification of whatsapp messages or other messages after activate this app you can able to reply to them by just touching the chat head. You can also customise the chat appearance with different colours and transparency as per your wish.

Another important merit of this app is you can able to reply to the messages while using any other app. So the messages will not disturb you while you play games or watching videos. You can also able to remove the chat head by long press on it and drag it to the cross mark.
So these are the features of this app. For understand more about this app and experience the features, install the app now.

application install link

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