Hello friends, welcome back to another tech update,, hope you all fine.. today I am going to introduce a distinguished and relevant application that is” copy text on screen” it is formly designed for copying and text on the mobile screen to your clipoard….

It is a awesome application which provides you a plenty of features and advantages…it is absolutely an necessary application towards you… you can simply make what you want to make an atmosphere of texting and dedicating….what you want to make this an authentic atmosphere of happiness by texting it

It allows you the default long press to copy text on mobile screen not works something there this app helps you to extract text/words from mobile screen by just sharing your screen shot with this app… you can here avail OCR (optional character recognition) technology is used to recognise text on the device screen…
OCR recognises text with 99 plus accuracy

It is also available and supported 92 languages…that is why you can really enjoy the real sense of texting,and make an authentic atmosphere of happiness and success by making the future of its …. your text will be protected and secure… no more to make your life set up and take it up to authentic atmosphere your Life wil be set and happy

We are ensure that it will be more comfortable and and highly secure….no one can to make an access to this without your consent and permission…that is why you will be protected and secure….

These are relavent and distinguished informations about above mentioned application…you guys got it well…we externmaly expect your valuable feedback comments and replays after installing this application..see you soon with next tech update…


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