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Now a days,there are number of applications which provide many different types of functions and features.We can simply say that,you will get an application for anything like shopping,reading,entertainment,appointment e.t.c.So today I would like to introduce an entirely different application for you. This application is really a useful one for all smartphone users and iam sure that you never installed such a application in yiu smartphone till now.That’s why I introduce this application for you.The name of the application is ‘cm COPY BUBBLE’.
By using this application you can able to copy anything from anywhere very easily and fast. while we use our smartphone,sometime we want to copy something and past it anywhere for any purpose.
Sometimes,you want to do a big copy,past job and also you want to complete it within a short period of time.If you do this by using your common copy past procedure of your smartphone,you can’t able to complete within a short period of time.But if you do that job by using the awesome feature of this application,you can able to complete the copy past job very easily and fastly.
If you want to continue the copy and
paste of different sentences or words,first of all copy all the things that you want.
After that open the floating icon of this application and you can able to see all the things that you copied.From there you can able share or copy all the words and sentences together.
By using this application,you can also able to clip the texts and images from any applications just by clicking built-in copy menu.This application is a light weight application.So don’t bother about your smartphone’s storage.So if you want to use the features of this application,just install it in your smartphone.

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