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Cool bar in love Template

Here iam telling about best and cool Instagram viral and trending video edit tutorial.

First we need a application that one is the most popular and cool application available in play store And other platforms like third party websites etc..

Download and install Avee music player App in your device. After Download our Template Then Add In to Avee player Template gallery Using load from File option. In this Template is bar in love PNG image effect Template. It want mainly the attractive background images. It help to get more clicks to yours pages And Bgm.

Make channel or page name using PicsArt or pixellab application. And upoad that png text file into the template like the video steps. First all are watch the video till end. For clearing your doubts based the template. It’s very helpful to learn more than about our Avee player template and application.

Avee is a music spectrum or audio spectrum making or showing application.

It help to make more than spectrum videos that to you can share with your friends and other platforms. It have only 5MB Size. More downloads and good reviews about it. Here we are using new version of it v1.2.83 . In this version support .json and .viz file formats. So you can run these formats in this version.


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