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Community Call Blocker application

Hello guys, welcome back to another tech update… hope you all fine… here I introduce you a distinguished and relevant application that”stop calling me.community call blocker”it is formly designed and developed for blocking unwanted calls using community database or black list

This is a best quality App and awesome application which provides a plenty of advanced features and specifications…we are sure that you will be satisfied and amazed by using this application.. you guys don’t want to worry about anything…this application will help you to block unwanted calls and related seamless

You may wonder by knowing about it..it is an easy way to block unwanted calls using community database, you can block any calls using it…. there is no need to waste time or wake up from unwanted calls with advertisement., collectors،banks and other”spam”related..

The prominent features and advantages

  • It allows you flexible blocking settings (by community database, schedule, blacklist,mask and others)
  • You will get the ability to create various sets settings..
    *You can also seperate rules for SIM cards
  • It shows you about using feedback
  • The main highlight is it stands in simple and convenient surface… that is why you will be able to make an atmosphere of happiness and relaxation

We are sure that it is absolutely necessary application for blocking unwanted calls…by using this application you can save your valuable time and manage your device’s battery system and related in highly protected condition… you guys don’t have to worry…we are with you to help you with it in any time at any mode

These are available informations about above mentioned application…we hope you guys got it well.and also we expect your valuable reply, feedback and suggestions after using this application…see you soon with another tech update


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