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Clubhouse: Drop-in audio cha‪t

Hello guys, hope you are doing well. Today we are going to introduce a very useful application for you. Iam definitely sure that you may not see and use such an application before. Many people didn’t know about this application until now. In future this application will also used by you by consider it as a social media application.


This is the name of this application. Do you understand anything about this application while you see the name of this application you may not understand anything. Because the name of this application didn’t provide any information regarding the features of this application. But you will get all the details regarding this application after read this article completely.


Actually normal chating is the most used chating method by majority social media applications users. They also use audio chat as a secondary method.
But this application is not like that. Because you can’t able to chat in the form of text messages through this application. That means you can only able to chat through voice only in this application.


The features and settings of this application is also different. It is entirely different from other social media applications. But this application and it’s features are really cool. You will definitely use this app daily once you install and experience it’s features.


You can able to create different types of rooms in this applications and you can alle to do voice chat through these type of rooms.
If you didn’t want to create a room, you can also able to join in many different types of rooms. So you can able to meet new friends and talk to them.

This application is already there for iOS. But it is released for Android recently. You can able to join in this application with an invitation link.
This type of chating is very useful and awesome. Try this application and it’s features atleast for a single time. That’s all about this application. Install this application from the ‘ download now ‘ button appear below this post.
See you soon with another tech update


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