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Clean up space on your phone

Hi guys, today iam here to introduce a new app for you. This app is developed by Google. Iam definitely sure that this is really an useful app for everyone who use a smartphone.
Now a days, majority people use smartphone having a better internal storage and ram. So such smartphone will not face any lags or any such problems due to low internal storage.

So this app is really an useful for all types of smartphone.
The name of this app is ‘ files ‘ . This app mainly help you to clean your smartphone by deleting unwanted photos, videos, files e.t.c.
You can also able to find any files through this app very easily within a short period of time. So you can easily able to find it and delete it while you face any problem while using any apps in your smartphone.
This app also provide clean recommendations for you. With the help of this feature you can easily find the files which you want to delete from your smartphone.

If you are not interested in deleting all the files or all the files in your smartphone are very important one, this app will also help you to free up.the internal storage of your smartphone by back up the files to cloud.
There are many duplicate files in our smartphone. It will cover a high space. But if you can find it using this app, you can also able to delete all such duplicate files.

You can also anne to boost the perfomance of your smartphone by cleaning the unwanted files using this app.
You can also able to send photos, videos, documents, apps e.t.c to the nearby user fastly through this app.
So anyway that this app provide many awesome features. If you want to free up some space in your smartphone to increase the perfomance, try this app now.


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