Hi, welcome back to another tech update of our website. We know that you are eagerly waiting for our each post. That’s why we bring many useful updates occasionally for you. Likewise today also we aare here to introduce a very useful android application.
Iam definitely sure that this is really an useful application for all android smartphone users. So must read this article completely to understand each and every details of this application.


Pika Show

This is the name of this application. I think that you may not understand nothing about this app when you see the name of this application. Because it doesn’t give any hint about the application and it’s features. Don’t worry. I wil give you a brief on pika show application.

Charging related app

Pika show is a charging related android application. Charging related app means you can able to customise some things in the charging settings of your smartphone using this application. Are you excited ? Iam sure, you can able to bring many tremendous changes in your smartphone using this application.

In addition to the charging animation, the charging prompt function will be updated later, as well as interesting maps and beautiful wallpaper!
More personalized charging animation is also coming online! There is always one for you!

Charging animation

This is the highlighted feature of pika show application. All the smartphones bhabe a default animation for charging. That means while your smartphone get charged when you plugin the charger an hint animation will appear on the screen which shows that the charging is begin.

You can’t able to change the default animation of it. But you can able to do that using this application. You can able to bring many awesome animations to the above mentioned situation. This is really a cool feature.

You can also able to set different types of awesome wallpapers using this application. So try this app now and share your feedback.

See you soon with another tech update


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