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I have come to you that people who use WhatsApp have another app.  We often see someone chatting.  Today we are going to introduce an application that can solve such a problem.  Most people who use a mobile phone are using WhatsApp.  So we are introducing you through our website for those who use WhatsApp.  Also, many people have told us that they should tell us about this type of application.hide online time whatsappThe simplest thing about the app is what we type on the screen while chatting on WhatsApp, an app that lets you type in and hide. Suppose you are traveling in a bus or metro and you are chatting with someone on your mobile but the person sitting next to you keeps looking on your mobile,

now this is the perfect time to put the curtain on your live chat from the onlooker.   This app is available.  The name of this app is Mask Chat or Hide Chat. This app makes it possible for users to not only watch WhatsApp, but also to type in anything we type on our mobile devices in a way that no one else sees. 

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WhatsApp For Users WhatsApp is mainly use for chatting.  Therefore, there is no difficulty in using this app for those who do not want to specify what is used for WhatsApp.  This app can make any app or social media chat hide and seek. MaskChat is a privacy filter / privacy protector specially crafte for Facebook Messenger, LINE and WhatsApp. I hope you understand the app.  If you want to download this app you can download the app directly. by going to the Play Store and clicking on Get button below.

  After installing and using,hide online time whatsapp you can go ahead or install this app only if you are interest.  Because when I ask about this app with many people, some people comment very positively,and others say that this app is not spoiled.  If you want others to know about a good app, please discus about the app with us.  Applications that are useful to the public will definitely be published on our website.

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