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Bubble screen translation apk

Hello, hope you are going good. today we are going to introduce a very useful application for everyone who use an Android smartphone. When I mention that this application is an Android application,don’t worry. If you are an iOS user the similar applications of the application that we are going to introduce today is also available for iOS. So you can able to try them in your iOS smartphone.

This application is more useful to the students aur the people who are interested to learn different types of languages. Actually language learning is a very difficult task. Because learning a foreign language is a herculean task for all people.
Because they already dissolved with their native language without concentrating on learning foreign languages. Application will help you to learn foreign languages very easily if you are ready to you are ready to allow almost 24 mb in your smartphone.

This application is a language learning assistant application don’t misunderstand that this is the only feature of this application. actually this application have any other awesome features that will help you in many different cases why you use your smartphone. So read this article completely to understand each and every details of this application.


The name of this application is buuble screen translate. You may understand from the name bubble screen translate apk itself that this application also provide translation feature. Let me tell how to do it.


By using bubble screen translate APK you can able to enjoy the fastest real time translator for images, different types of games, comics, different browsers, SNS application. Like this you can able to translate everything that appear on the screen of your smartphone using bubble screen translate APK.


This application support more than 100 different types of languages including international language, national languages, native languages.
so you can able to translate all these languages into your language using this application.
The features of this application are not only this. But also there are many other different types of useful features.


You can I able to translate everything that appear on the screen of your smartphone using this application. For that you just want to open the application, website or like anything you want and just tap on the floating icon of this application appear on the screen of your smartphone. At that time the translation will be occured there.

You can also able to transfer images using this application. That means this application will detect the text on the languages on the photos that you select and it will help you to translate particular text on the photos into your native language


This is one of the best feature that many people are searching for. This feature will be a helpful one in many different cases like a conversation between you and a foreigner.
If you make a chat with a foreigner using social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook e.t.c and the foreigner use their native language to chat with you you can easily able to understand what they say using this application. That means this application will also work on the social media applications.


We play many different types of games in a small phone. Among them some games are foreign games. So if there is any game dialogues and texts in foreign languages you can’t able to understand it. This application will help you to solve this problem also.

Like this the real-time translation feature is also available for the situations like online comic reading in foreign languages.


Internet connection is not necessary for use the translation feature of his application. itna also able to translate when you are offline or the network is unstable. This is really a cool feature. Use this feature you can also able to translate in many important situations.


Click on the ‘ download now ‘ appear below this post to install this application in your smartphone.

Try this application and post your feedback regarding this application and it’s features.

See you soon with another tech update.


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