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black screen video screen off application

Here a witnessed application that is so effective and efficient one look the screen anytime save battery on AMOLED screen while playing videos for you in addition to the same experience and services for you in carrying with the effective and efficient one for you

Features and specifications

Black screen lets you play videos with screen off..turn off the screen anytime and save battery in order to modify and the real things for you to be able to find out the outstanding solution for your time and consideration for the better experience

Floating button to quickly loc the screen.. battery saver on AMOLED and OLED screens for the better experience on your website and related events for the better experience…and also play videos, listen to podcast,recorded videos…play streams with screen off

To connect with you that is so effective and efficient one for giving the methodology of the secret one to enhance the quality and ensure the well occupation and well readyness one for all the customers and categories for you so that it is addressed and ensure one for any of the advanced theory and practice for relaxing the mood for a distinguished from the store and related events for the better experience

Use the floating button to quickly turn off the screen and unlock it by tapping on it when it occurs for you in dedicating the managing items for you..it will automatically change and design The well maintained one to go through the application form then submit to make it very adventurous and loved one for you

So please be with us to go with Ultra level of happiness and system for the system better treatment for All the best regards and options for you please download and install the latest application for the seamless characters and well related things for ever


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