Hi friends,today i would like to introduce an awesome application for you.The name of the application is ‘FUNIMATE’.Actually this is a video editing application.But you can’t able to consider this application as a common video editing application.Because this application provide you many attractive features which will blow your mind and make your favorite videos more attractive and beautiful one.
By using this awesome application you can able to make many different and beautiful videos for upload to social media applications like ticktock. or that you can able to add music to your video and the most surprising feature of this application is this application provide you many effects for ticktock videos and it will help you to get more likes and followers from ticktock.
This application is an application like ticktock. Like ticktock,you can also able to edit and upload video into this application very easily.

The main attraction of this application is it’s awesome editing features.They are
animate,effect mix,filter,co lour,blend and crop.
With the help of animate option,you can able to edit your video in three different animations and they are intro,outro and custom.
The second option is effect mix.By using this feature,you can able to add many beautiful effects to your video to gave your video an attractive and different face.
With the help of filter option,you can able to convert your video into many different filters like afrodisias,Olympus,phaselis,millet,scary,Gordian e.t.c.
The next feature is color and it give you a selected color to your video.Blend and crop arethe next two features which make your video an awesome one.
So these are the features of this application.If you have a passion in video editing and you would like to become a popular in Social media applications like ticktock and this application,i recommend you to install this application in your smartphone.

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